Friday, December 29, 2006

Episode 4: The Secrets of the Storm

Today we talk about patch 2.0! I cover enemy cast bars, new jewel-crafting designs and the zones that are not yet available.

direct download: click here

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Friday, December 01, 2006

audio log ep1: Dispel > Ghost Wolf

Audio logs are going to short audio shows to fill the gaps between the video shows. In the first audio log you will learn how to counter a shamans sprit wolf using dispel.

dispel magic
18% of Base Mana
Instant cast
Dispels magic on the target, removing 1 harmful spells from a friend or 1 beneficial spells from an enemy.

Warlock's Felhunter:
Devour Magic
Purges 1 harmful magic effect from a friend or 1 beneficial magic effect from an enemy. If an effect is devoured, the Felhunter will be healed for 579.

Shield Slam
20 Rage
Slam the target with your shield, causing 342 to 358 damage, modified by your shield block value, and has a 50% chance of dispelling 1 magic effect on the target. Also causes a high amount of threat.

Direct Download: click here

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